Nov 18, 2008

Banana: Cure for Dry Aging Skin

Who says bananas are only for monkeys?!

Bananas are good anti-aging ingredients; they contain high amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, Vitamins A and E.

Bananas are also suitable for dry skin. Each contains approximately 75% water, which is a good hydrating fruit.

If you are experiencing a dry climate or work in an air-conditioned office for long hours, the following moisturizing and cooling banana mask is just right for you!

Before we move on to the recipe, do note that consuming banana is healthy for the body and skin. Do include it as part of your daily fruit intake.

Off the Kitchen
Banana miracle mask
1. Mash 1 medium banana with a fork/spoon
2. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well
3. Then add ¼ cup of original natural yoghurt and mix well
4. Apply mask over face and leave the mask on for 15-25 mins
5. Rinse off the mask with water and follow by dapping some rose water onto the face

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