Aug 9, 2008

Understanding "natural skin care"

"Natural skin care" literally means applying natural elements onto your skin to care, rejuvenate and enhance the condition of your skin.

Notice that I didn't mention natural products in the above definition - I used the word elements. This is because a product is an outcome of processes. Almost every cream or serum you have used is not considered 100% natural as they have been processed in some way.Products that are labeled with 100% pure ingredients are known as 100% naturally derived products. You should not relate these to 100% natural skin care. These products are derived from natural ingredients. Note the word DERIVED.

Confused? Here is an example: Imagine you have dry skin.

Senario 1: and you cut some cucumber slices to place on your face as a hydrating mask.
Senario 2: and you buy a cucumber hydrating mask from a natural skin care brand that produces masks from natural ingredients like cucumber.

To conduct TRULY 100% natural skin care, you place/apply the natural element onto your face DIRECTLY - NO steps to process the cucumber or create a mask and package it etc.

If you want a natural mask, use cotton pad soaked with cucumber juice and rest it on the face. That's TRULY 100% natural skin care. However, this is not an entirely good method to care for our skin as the base elements are often difficult to be absorbed by our skin. Some people have skin which can absorb elements fast, while some have stubborn skin which can hardly take in anything applied to it. You have to find out what is BEST for you.If you have hyper-sensitive skin, applying natural cucumber juice on your skin may cause rashes or irritations. In contrast, there will be someone who is non-allergic to most ingredients found in skin care products.

By now, you have gained 2 ESSENTIAL pieces of information about natural skin care:
#1. Natural skin care refers to the care of your skin by applying natural elements to it. Natural skin care products refer to the care of your skin by applying 100% naturally derived products.

#2. Different people have different skin types or conditions. Either 100% natural elements or 100% naturally derived products works for you.

If its the former, i congratulate you as it is the cheapest way to care for your skin. If its the latter, fear not as I'll share with you some of the 100% naturally derived products which i have come across in future.

Hope you find this useful.